management training

Spring Coaching offers a series of Executive Training programmes which provide specific skills to corporate managers.

Performance Management Training

Our ‘Peak Performance Management Programme’ encourages managers to lead their teams with emotional intelligence and gives practical advice on developing targets, motivation theories and delivering feedback.

Presentational Skills Training

This is a course light in theory but heavy in practice. Within 20 minutes students will be giving their first presentation, learning how to speak with confidence, convincing and motivating their audience.

Communications and Negotiations Skills Training

Our programmes focus on encouraging open, productive dialogue in the workplace. Skills covered include understanding personality types, body language, giving feedback and proven negotiation tactics.

Media Training

Our training takes the fear out of dealing with the media. We train company leaders to be confident, articulate and on-message in broadcast, digital and print media. In particular, we focus on difficult media situations and how to deal with them.

Consultative Sales Training

Consultative selling means using techniques which develop a deep and trusting relationship with the customer. We offer a toolkit of practical and professional techniques guaranteed to add to your bottom line.

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